Storytelling Based On Sequence Of Operations

Type design of illegible characters. These characters are not made to be read, but to build an abstract narrative or way of storytelling based on a sequence of operation. The sequence was inspired by cell division and started with four basic shapes that divided itself four times. These new shapes then served as a base for the sequence to create new ligatures.

No InDesign Book

Book design of 'Knights of The Art: Stories of the Italian Painters',
by Amy Steedman.

Designed using only Text Editor.
271 pages.


Colify is a browser extension which
creates collages out of existing
web elements.
Everything happens randomly
so every webpage looks different.
Created by Nicole Jansen and Norah Maat.

Available for free in the Chrome Web Store


Finto is a typeface that originated of many experiments and failures using 3D print technology to create 3D printed letterpress blocks.


Exploring the structures and rhythms of old printing techniques using letterpress type and blocks.

letterpress, A2


Zine made during 'Audience of one' workshop by Metahaven.


Experimental soundtrack inspired
by the story of Omelas.


Short film that explores the meaning of 'limbo' and
the state of being in neither one place nor the other; a somewhat indefinite fate.


Typedesign based on the greek mythology of amphisbaena. 

Built with